Instructions for use Imosteon

Imosteon - gel against osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and injuries. Studies have confirmed the high degree of its effect on the disease. Instant pain relief and a reduction in the inflammatory process have been found. The gel relieves swelling, acts as a natural antiseptic, improves blood circulation. Thanks to constant use, tissue regeneration is observed until the complete resumption of joint work.

Imosteon instruction - modern natural remedy treatment

In addition to its effectiveness, the gel is distinguished by a natural composition of plant components that are harmless to the body. Daily use of Imosteon does not cause side effects, addiction and has no adverse effect on human health. There are no contraindications.

Properties of active ingredients:

  1. Cooling effect. Menthol essential oil instantly relieves the inflamed area.
  2. Antiseptic action. Citral disinfects the inflamed area, blocks the possible risk of infection. It has a healing effect on damaged joint tissue.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. The seeds of horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba stimulate blood circulation, have a strengthening effect and accelerate the regeneration process.
  4. Warming and vasodilating action. The gel contains capsicum extract.

In addition, in the formula of Imosteon gel, for the most pronounced effectiveness of the listed properties, scientists added caffeine. The properties of caffeine stimulate work and enhance the action of other components.

Indications for use and action of the gel:

Pain in the spine

(in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine)

Imosteon gel relieves pain, eliminates symptoms, greatly facilitates the course of the disease. Resists the development of the disease at the initial stage of its development. Recommended for treatment as an adjuvant in advanced cases. For prevention - to prevent or eliminate the risk of disease.

Pain when bending over

Pain in knees, elbows, etc.

Swelling in the knee area

Cracking and tingling in the joints when moving

The formation of "bumps" on the toes, hands

Spasms in the spine

Regular numbness of the limbs

application of Imosteon gel against knee pain

Massage the cream in circular motions until completely absorbed. The gel is easy to apply, does not leave oily stains. Use three times a day - during treatment, once in the evening - for prophylaxis.

The product is available as a gel, in tubes of 50 ml. Complete with the original gel in the packaging, there are detailed instructions on use and a certificate of conformity.

Thousands of buyers in Poland have already tried Imosteon and enjoyed its benefits in action! They noted the immediate analgesic effect, the absence of side effects and the elimination of symptoms of osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and other diseases of the joints and spine.